A trip to the Pediatric Emergency Room

On Sunday, June 21st (Also, Father’s day), my daughter slipped and cut the area above her upper lip. It was a wide gaping streak of blood – a clean cut – most likely from the edge of the glass top. We rushed her to Ramakrishna ELCIA. The emergency doctor took one  look at her and winced.

‘She needs to see a pediatric surgeon – she might need a stitch. Narayana health city is your best bet’
We rushed to the emergency section in Narayana health city…
What followed were the most emotionally taxing moments of my life in the recent past – I wept bitterly in a thoroughly crowded A2B when we finally made out of the hospital 4 hours later.

Parents’ tensions about their kids will never cease – Don’t wait for your kids to grow up to start living life.
There was a 17-year old boy with half face palsy. His parents looked tired and worried and distracted. When parenthood starts, so does the constant anxiety, guilt, restlessness… and like I saw with my eyes, continues through parents lives. But this shouldn’t stop parents from resuming their lives.
I started going to my after-work painting classes that I was skipping using my baby as an excuse.

2) Count your Blessings. Again and Again.
Visiting a hospital does make you pray for others who are in much more pain than you are.. and I shot a silent prayer of thanks for being in much better condition than other patients in there… Even though my baby had a deep cut on her face

3) NH Triage Rocks! Their Billing Sucks! The triage doctors were helpful, polite and worked very hard to put a bandage on my daughters cut..they ruled out the stitch after examining it closely.
The billing was slow, tedious and really bad. With only one biller in Emergency section, armed with a slow Billing system, it took us more than 45 mins to pay the bill.

4) Experience Matters.  especially when it comes to pediatric surgeons

5) Kids are truly Resilient My daughter was a happy little girl in the ER – Smiling and Cooing. She put up a fighting show when being bandaged(we had to get it done 3 times), but other than those 20 mins… she co-operated as much as she could.

Thanks baby.

baby's photo after bandaging upper lip


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