Let the heart beat.

from PinkVilla

I remember seeing the trailer of Dil Dhadakne Do and thinking to myself.. if there’s a movie that I MUST watch this year its DDD.

I drooled over Ranvir Singhs energy and Farhan Akhtar’s charm.
However, when I finally saw the movie last weekend… I am at a loss of words.

Zoya Akhtar disappoints once again. Paying 270/- per head to watch the 10 pm show makes me feel cheated. After all, the only characters worth paying for are Ranvir Singh’s “Sunny” and Anil Kapoor’s “Kamal Mehra”.

The story is set on a cruise ship.. but really there isn’t much of a story… only a narration through a dog’s eyes…
The narration is half-heartedly voiced by Aamir Khan… and sometimes frustratingly slow…
Thankfully, it breaks up as the movie progresses and the viewer is spared the insights.
The love story I went to see, wasn’t really there… so yeah, I am a bit disappointed.

Ranvir is fresh and endearing and surprisingly normal – which makes me wonder why he doesn’t more roles like this. He plays son to the Mehras and brother to Priyanka chopra’s Ayesha. They play the sibling role masterfully.. however, Priyanka’s energy without Ranvir is out of sorts.

The mom of these siblings is played by Shefali Shah. Throughout the movie I waited for one brilliant move from her, since I really do like her… but Alas! .. Her role though important doesn’t have much depth…

Rahul Bose is sort of wasted in the movie too.. but he does play his part of Ayesha’s husband well… His off-handedness, high headedness is easily portrayed.
But Anil Kapoor.. Oh. My. God.
He has brilliantly played the Delhi businessman to last T. He looks cool and calculating and easily brings out the moral card when needed. Except the last 10 over stretched minutes of the movie… he had my full attention whenever he was on screen.

Farhan Akhtar.. Well… he comes into the movie only at the interval.. with some mysterious background and sufficient marketing… I waited for the break to be over to see some real sparks fly…

but that was not to be.

Romance between PC and FA was drowned in the overtones of PCs request for divorce, Anil Kapoors infidelity, and a hurried party…. and another affair between two other kids…

That’s not to say that the movie wasn’t  good. It wasn’t bad either. it was really funny in places… really thought provoking in others.. but overall, really unfocused… and really not about Dil Dhadakne Do…

The entire title was explained in the end.. it goes something like this…

Freedom is an essential part of love. If you love someone(especially your kids) give them the freedom to pursue what they want.

While I can debate this message…. 🙂 I choose not too… Coz I have spent too much time and energy on the movie and philosophy already…

PS – On re-reading I realized I have forgotten to write about Anushka Sharma… That’s right! Coz she is completely forgettable in this movie.. 😀


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